Wellness and Lake - Flairhotel am Wörthersee

Wellness for body and soul can be found in our wellness oasis.

Unwind in the sauna, in the infrared cabin or with a soothing massage and recharge your batteries.

... or rather active swimming or water aerobics in our bright, friendly indoor pool with jet stream and subsequent rest in our conservatory.

Bathing fun, sunbathing, swimming in the sunset ... Fancy the Wörthersee?

What could be better than enjoying the Wörthersee sparkle in the morning sun when waking up!
Experience the rays of a sunrise on or in the Wörthersee and be it only on a short break - just switch off ....

A day at our beach can be a lot. Engage in a thrilling book, build sandcastles with the "littlest ones", racy rides on the tire, octopus, UFO or parachute over the lake, with Alex and his team from the water ski school H2O Auen.
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... and after a great, eventful day, a wonderful motorboat cruise with Prosecco and sunset awaits you ... I could always stay here!
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