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Unlimited biker pleasure on the southern side of the Alps, the Grossglockner or the scenic roads of Carinthia.

Carinthia, the sunny south of Austria, is climatically favored and is therefore an ideal destination for motorcycle enthusiasts. Motorcycling between mountains and lakes. From the Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria, to the warmest bathing lakes in Austria. The many mountain ranges are as easy to reach as interesting. Crystal clear bathing lakes offer a refreshing impression and invite you to linger and take a bath.

Biking in Carinthia

Carinthia, at the intersection of the Germanic, Slavic and Romansh worlds. Three cultures within a few kilometers, southern flair, culinary delights, cross-border tours. Breakfast in Italy, lunch in Slovenia, dinner in Austria - all in one day. Experience the diversity in the limitless Alps-Adriatic region.

Carinthia, the Eldorado for motorcyclists. Extensive day trips on winding mountain trails, romantic panoramic routes and beautiful lakes. The particularly good condition of the roads, excellent signage and quick emergency assistance give the motorcyclist a sense of security when cruising on Carinthia's low-traffic roads.


Carinthia's panoramic roads

The Goldeck Panoramic Road, with a length of 14.5 km, leads to 1,895 m altitude.
Goldeck Panoramastrasse The Villach Alpine Road leads with 16.5 kilometers to the Rosstratte in 1.732 m altitude, to the summit there are 2.167 m, this however wants to be conquered on foot!
Villach Alpine Road For nature lovers the trip to the Nockberge mountains is a special, lasting experience. The Nockalm Road, which is almost 35 kilometers long, is an area with a unique scenic charm!
Nockberge Climb, by car or motorbike, one of the most spectacular alpine roads, the Malta High Alpine Road! At 911m above sea level the 14.4 km long journey starts. You will pass the Malteiner Fountains through six natural stone tunnels until you reach a height of around 1,900m. Your destination is the Kölnbrein dam, with 200m the highest dam in Austria!
Malta High Alpine Road Another sight is the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, near the highest mountain in Austria!
Großglockner High Alpine Road
Größere Kartenansicht

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